Soccer Table Balls

Price: 3.00 BGN
This red ball has the same characteristics as the well-known yellow ball by Roberto Sport. Simply Perfect! The price is for 1 ball.
Price: 4.00 BGN
The most popular soccer table ball!! !! THE PRICE IS FOR THE WHOLE SET OF 10 PCS.!!
Price: 5.00 BGN
Orange ball for soccer table. !! THE PRICE IS FOR A SET OF 10 PCS. !!
Price: 2.00 BGN
This black and white ball is intended for fast games, reminding of a football ball.
Price: 2.00 BGN
This is a noiseless soccer ball made out of natural cork.
Price: 2.00 BGN
Soccer table ball made out of natural cork, covered with white plastic layer.
Price: 2.00 BGN
Soccer table ball for professional use. This ball is 34 mm and it is heavier than the regular one, weighting 23 grams.

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